# 2. Cog Stochastic and Fx Trend Trading System Cog Stocastic Indicator

Cog Stocastic Indicator

Time Body 30 min or greater;

Currency pairs: any;

COGSTOCH Indicator;

FX Pattern;

Pivot level multitimframe;

Polynomial Regression trading

guidelines for opening orders

Purchase order : open purchase order when the indicator Cogstochastic crosses upward into aqua bands and fx pattern indicator is colour aqua;

Cease loss 2 pips abpve earlier swing;
Promote order :open Promote order when the indicator Cogstochastic crosses downward into purple bands and fx pattern indicator is colour purple;
Cease loss 2 pips beneath earlier swing;

Exit place, choices,:

1)On the ranges pivot;

2) when FX pattern indicator change colour;

three) with revenue goal predetermined relies upon by time-frame and currency pairs.

That is an technique for binary choiceExcessive Low binary choice trading technique (60 min)

Time Body 30 min.

Within the footage Cog Stochastic and FX Pattern foreign exchange system in motion.

Share your opinion, will help everybody to know the foreign exchange technique.

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